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Encapsulation Systems

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This Encapsulation System will eliminate mold growth, which can cause serious health risks to you and your family over a prolonged period of time. Most people tend to neglect their crawlspace, where the temperature difference starts to create a perfect environment for mold to grow. We also offer the Megadry Dehumidification System, which has a built in air scrubber that scrubs the air while dehumidifying your crawlspace.


  • Reduces Moisture
  • Lowers Relative Humidity
  • Creates a clean Crawlspace environment
  • Reduces risk of termites, ect.
  • Reduces risk of Water Intrusion into Crawlspace

General Information:

  • 10 Mill thick poly liner.
  • Overlap 12 inches per every seam!
  • Overlaps sealed with waterproofing tape.
  • Sealed to wall with watertight adhesive.
  • Cut to exact fit to each pier, etc.
  • Used with dehumidifier system to reduce humidity, therefore eliminating mold growth in Crawlspaces.

Best Guarantee in North Carolina!

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