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  • Eliminates Water Intrusion
  • Reduces Risk of Termites
  • Deters Natural Wood Decay
  • Reduces Chance of Foundation Sinkage


Waterproofing a Crawlspace or an outside foundation has to be done correctly. That's why the only choice is On The Level, we do the job right! We use the highest quality of Waterproofing materials which guarantees the water will stay outside and not in your basement or crawlspace.

We have several options to ensure that your basement or crawlspace will be water free with the inexpensive methods that will be in your budget. As a homeowner, you will have the comfort of knowing water is not lurking in the basement or crawlspace causing problems such as mold, wood decay, termites, and foundation sinkage. That comfort is worth every dollar you spend on making your crawlspace or basement watertight!

The only choice is to let the pros at On The Level Mold & Repair Services solve your water intrusion problems once and for all!

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